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Jessica Delage06.06.2019< 1 min read

Nodeum is recommended as Cloud to Cloud migration tools by Wasabi

You use different Cloud providers and you want to migrate data to Wasabi. You don't know how do proceed? Wasabi recommends Nodeum as a tool for doing this.

Nodeum is a solution to migrate easily the data into Wasabi Cloud Storage and their recognized Nodeum as a tool for automating this operation. See the link. 

If you are facing these use cases :

1. You wish to migrate all of your storage from your existing cloud provider to Wasabi for cost-savings, performance, or other reasons

2. You wish to duplicate (continually or one-time) your storage from your existing cloud to Wasabi for multi-cloud (second copy), cost, performance or other reasons.

How to proceed ? 

See the Video to understand the easy way to migrate data on Wasabi.



Nodeum's team.