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NAS Storage Versus Nodeum

Posted by Jessica Delage on May 24, 2019 at 4:35 PM

Some people doesn't see the difference between a "simple" NAS Storage and a Data Management Software such as Nodeum.

We made a comparison between the 2 solutions :

    NAS Nodeum
STORAGE File Storage X X
Protocol access NFS/SMB NFS/SMB/S3
Storage Encryption X



Files Indexation - X
Dashboard on Data Lifecycle - X
Data Mover to retrieve Files on external Storage - X

Management of secondary Storage (NAS, Cloud, Tapes) :

  • Migration
  • Active Archive 
  • Offline Archive
Data Migration - X
File System Virtual on several storage - X
Manage Metadata -  X


We hope this is helpful to better understand why using a Data Management Software.

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