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Jessica Delage05.22.2019< 1 min read

Storage Data Lifecycle

Archiving reduces costs but there is one problem… We lose the vision of ”What is Where” and keeping as many data as possible on Primary Storage is expensive…

How to answer this ?

With data indexation and data cataloging , it becomes easy to:

  • Keep a total view on all your Data through one single screen even if dispersed on several storage
  • Always know the Data Lifecycle, including number of copies across storage.
  • Have a direct access to those Data (even self-service if needed)

Additional Benefits

The Data Lifecycle is important for traceability, data proof of existence and even integrity, versioning, latest modifications, etc…

Managing data with a powerful and accurate Data Lifecycle eliminate risks of loosing Data, spending lots of time to find back data,… While both allow to big savings in productivity and storage costs.