Valery Guilleaume January 24, 2019 at 2:25 PM 4 min read

Data is growing exponentially, but IT budgets are not

Data is growing exponentially, the digital data deluge is not a myth anymore. It is a reality which impact all organisations.

The consequences are important : 

  1. Increase the complexity of your system.
  2. Request more IT budgets.
Furthermore these budgets are not growing as the data are growing, even sometime budgets are reduced.

This data growth is the result of a world where most of business process are generating data & information. Each company and organisation realize the importance and the value of each data generated. They are now looking how they can generate revenue with these informations. 

How to solve this equation  : more data, less complexity, reduce the cost.

We know that in each company, only 20% of the data are used only in a daily bases. 80% of the data are not used and are required to be kept for different reasons (legal requirements, futur usage, research, ...). Their access time is also different, these 80% of data doesn't required an immediate access time.

This cames to the following idea :

  1. To make sure that these 80% of data have to still be visible by users.
  2. The users should be also able to reach these date online.
  3. Te data should be placed into a cheapest storage system which can be less performant.

The next underline question is :  How to predict the futur benefits once Data Management strategy is applied? 

It is why we develop a feature, in NODEUM, to directly simulate the impact (cost & capacity) of applying Data Management policies. These policies select the less used data during a past period and calculate the impact once move to another Storage support.

Have a look at this video and you will see how it is easy and fast to do a simulation.

HubSpot Video

You have to know , it can just take 30 minutes in your organization to do the same calculation and understand how many money you can save !

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