Jessica Delage January 22, 2019 at 2:20 PM 2 min read

Final Cut Pro - CatDV - XML File Integration

In the next release, we're unveiling a new feature which can get a lot of interests from Final Cut Pro and CATDV users community.

You know how the interaction between these softwares and your archive can be complex. This is even more critical as the archive content is the one of the most important asset of your company.

We learned from our customers who faced this problem ; our target was to accelerate the time from the definition of the clip list and when the data are retrieved from the archive.

Selecting exactly the files you need can be so complex that it seems clear for our user community to facilitate the interaction between these softwares and NODEUM.

With this feature, we improve the process between Final Cut Pro and CATDV professionals and their archiving services.

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The benefits are :

  • To be autonomous to export a XML file with the list of clips that want to retrieve. 
  • To send this clip list to NODEUM for retrieving the contents they need.

This service is available from the version 1.79 and can be used from 

  • NODEUM Web Interface.
  • A Rest API Web Services call.