Jessica Delage January 17, 2019 at 2:35 PM 2 min read

Tape usage Reporting


Today we're unveiling the new feature "Tape Reporting". This is a Dashboard which provide a listing of tapes used. 

Different types of information are available , some principale one :

  • In which Tape Library the tapes are located
  • Are pools assigned ? Which one ?
  • How many TB are used in the tape or free?

And there are others that brings even more value to conduct your storage strategy :

  • % of written actions are done on a specific tape
  • % of reading actions are done on a specific tape
  • Number of Tape Mounts

This report is very helpful to master the usage of the tapes and makes sure you can easily retrieve them.

Nodeum - Tape Reporting Feature

We hope that people who already use Tapes Storage will find in this feature a welcome addition to Nodeum feature, and we can't wait to add even more features and enhancements.

If you're new to Nodeum, watch this video to learn more about Data Management. 

HubSpot Video