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Jessica Delage01.26.20181 min read

Storage Mobility - Dream or a reality ?

Are you like the most of IT Department we met ? Where they are missing solution to handle the data migration  when they change their storage architecture ? And even more when storage technologies are different.

As the most of vendors provide proprietary solution, it is very difficult for the end users to choose the best storage solution which answer their needs.

Why ?  Because migrating data between different platforms is still seen as a risk from a business & financial point of views which are unaffortable to support.

Does it mean that the situation has to stay like it is ?

Of course the answer is no , there are solutions which can help you and your business to move your data easily and automaticaly to different storage.

How to do that ?

Based on our experience and our discussions with your peers which are concerned by the same problem as you, we recommend to use a software that meets these values:

Choose a software which has these values : 

  • 100% independant of your hardware
  • which can automate and control the data migration between different storage technoliogies
  • which is very easy to schedule the data movements.

Because your data are very important for your business, Nodeum take care of them and provide the solution to move them to the right storage system you chose. 

If you need help in this matter, ask us a demo !

Jessica @Nodeum