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Oracle Partner
Valery Guilleaume01.31.2018< 1 min read

Nodeum is referenced in the Oracle's General Archiving Solutions

We are proud to announce the consolidation of our Oracle partnership. Nodeum™ is now recognized by Oracle as part of their General Archiving solutions.



Using Nodeum with Oracle-StorageTek's hardware combines best-in-class business application software with a high-performance, cost-efficient, scalable digital content storage and archiving solution. The solution provides an automated self-service platform to retain your business data longer while keeping up with increasing quantity and size while reducing your storage costs.

Intelligent Data Storage Management

Nodeum provides powerful, centralized storage management capabilities. This highly flexible, software solution for high capacity data simplifies the complexity involved in managing networked storage.

» Super-fast cache disk allows management of multiple concurrent data streams in providing fast data access to any storage even tape or cloud.

» Easily supports and manages multiple Oracle Storage-Tek Modular Tape libraries which are easy to administer, providing an excellent long term storage facility

» Create your specific workflow to place your data in the best medium (disk, tape or cloud).

» Scalable, centralized tape management to preserve petabytes of data in an LTFS open format while reducing TCO.

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