Jessica Delage July 2, 2018 at 5:13 PM 6 min read

How to leverage AI to enrich your data ?

We believe that you already received a lot of marketing mail about data exposition. Why ? Because the market mostly try to sell more of their product. And nobody explain how to unlock the real business problem you are facing.

We meet a lot of organisation which produce a lot of business data (bigger quantity and bigger size). They are facing challenges to store and to archive their data.

The main objectives of such kind of organisations are to answer these two questions :

  1. Are my data well protected and secured ?
  2. Does my solution will restore my data if any problems happened ?

Today, we meet more and more organizations that think about new approach to store, archive and secure their data.

They have others motivations and objectives than the one listed here below :

  1. They are aware about the cost associated to their storage platforms
  2. They can monetize the value of their data.
  3. Their have a data strategy, data equal business.

It why the challenge is slightly different and it is more about knowing where my data is and how can I retrieve it fast. We have understood how difficult is for teams to find easily the right data. Most of analyst studies mentioned that organizations spend 80% of their time just searching data.

To solve this, data lifecycle management and data cataloging provide a first answer result to find the right data quickly and seamlessly. 

But the real game changer is when metadata can be used to search after the data needed !

Take this example :

You have an image (here below), named 'image993.png' created sometime around June 2009. The file is somewhere stored in a bunch of Millions of files. Believe me, you can perhaps find it if you remember the file name or perhaps the exact time.


But if you can't remember the exact filename, how to believe you will find it back ? Dream you up to use meta information about the content of the image; this can be helpful. Isn't it?

Go back to the example with the apples and imagine searching after this image not only in using file name but also in using meta information such as :

  • Color of apples : Red, Green, Yellow, ...
  • Apple varietis
  • Number of apple
  • ....

It easy to do if you link your on premise data with powerful algorithms to extract these metadata. 

You can see know how this can change the rule of the game !

Do you know that you can directly configure inside Nodeum data enrichment in connecting, for example, Google Vision API ?

It's then absolutely necessary to continue to have a total control to all of your data :

  • Have a direct access to any data stored, archived or even protected.
  • Remove the "border" between primary storage & secondary storage whatever the type of systems.
  • Simplify the connection between objet storage, NAS storage, tapes and cloud.
  • Get unique interface to control and to automate the data movement between this different type of storage.
  • Use KPI & Metrics to control and measure data usage, data access and , even more important, storage cost.
  • Enrich the data with solution like Google Vision.

Nodeum value proposition is to help any business to preserve and to keep control - accessibility of any data. And to provide easily enrichment.

Interested to know more ? Don't hesitate to book a demo with us and we will learn you how you can get control back on your data.