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Valery Guilleaume09.05.2018< 1 min read

When InformationAge spoke about Data Management in January 2018

We invite you to read this interesting article from InformationAge published in January 2018. They predicted the 5 Data Management challenges and opportunities every organisation will face in 2018 :

  1. IT will be forced to take responsibility for cloud data management and cut costs
  2. The severity of data breaches will increase
  3. One of the first companies to be fined under the GDPR will be outside of Europe
  4. Data management will get a major IQ boost from analytics
  5. Data will grow exponentially, but data storage will slow for the first time

In speaking with our customers everyday, I can confirm they face these 5 challenges. 

Looking for solutions they naturally come and speak with us about their use case. 

To know more, read this article written by Nicholas Ismail in following this link.