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Medical University of Graz
Jessica Delage05.05.20221 min read

Medical University of Gratz is ready for digital pathology with Nodeum

The collaboration between Akquinet in Germany and the Medical University of Graz create the first technical and organizational foundations for digital pathology and optimize data storage, data enrichment, and data transfer through the use of high-performance GPU-based servers for the use of special pathological AI algorithms, all-flash storage systems, and the multi-functional data mover.


The AI ​​research team of Dr. Heimo Müller, in close and long-term cooperation with AKQUINET and NODEUM, has created the infrastructural basis for digitization in pathology, which actively supports :

  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Transfer
  • Data storage
  • and long-term archiving.

The aim was to accelerate the process from the time when the data are generated by high-performance scanners to the time when the data are archived for the long term.

  • to ensure the quality of data,
  • to enrich it with additional information (tags)
  • to carry out and optimize the data transfer in an object-oriented manner.

The goal of the project is to continue to build a central archive with digitized pathological data to use AI and AI mechanisms to analyze large historical databases in the future and to make national and international comparisons to be able to.

The information obtained in this way helps the pathologist in diagnostics on the one hand, and on the other hand, pharmaceutical research can carry out targeted research and develop drugs and treatment methods precisely.

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Medical University of Graz, is more than 2,500 employees in the scientific and non-scientific fields and around 4,350 students research, teach and learn together with an innovative spirit for the health and well-being of the patients. It is a center of innovative cutting-edge medicine in the south of Austria, four chairs are bundled at the Diagnostics & Research Center for Molecular BioMedicine their competencies in the fields of research and study :

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