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Partner Core Micro System
Jessica Delage05.31.20221 min read



Nodeum is a Data Management Software for hybrid storage at petabyte scale. Enabling users to Archive, Protect and Migrate data across any type of storage - NAS, Cloud, Object and Tape,

Nodeum announced a reseller agreement with Core Micro Systems, a value-added reseller in Japan and especially for HPC Market and Industrial Market.

Nodeum simplifies the way end users connect their business logic pipelines with any storage system for data archiving, data migration and data protection. Optimize data movement and data placement wherever the location. Improve operations and save time with a single, intuitive storage and process management software that works across multiple storage silos. Achieve a high-performance workflow to gain control of your exponential data growth.  Teams working with Unstructured Data are becoming increasingly collaborative. Sharing of data and fair data management is becoming mandatory for many organizations. This adds to the requirements for modern data infrastructures.

"We are proud to announce our collaboration and partnership with Core Micro Systems, which has a strong value add in the market. Core Micro Systems want to provide to their customers a Data Mover  offering for large archiving storage solution with object Storage and LTO Tape library", said Valery Guilleaume, CEO of Nodeum. 

Shozo Takahashi, CEO at Core Micro Systems, added, 

"  We are very honored to have a partnership with NODEUM/MT-C.  Core Micro Systems are trying our best to make the NODEUM, with its superior data management capabilities and highly efficient hierarchies, widely available in Japan as an efficient and secure solution for storing unstructured data. We adopt the NODEUM to develop and provide high-efficiency hierarchical storage and to integrate large data sets, including AI, HPC and HPDA."

About Core Micro Systems:  

Core Micro Systems is a leading provider of storage solutions. They strongly support their customers' advanced IT systems required by the times with innovative storage solutions. Their core business are the development, manufacturing, maintenance of storage, HPC and server products.