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Jessica Delage06.05.2020< 1 min read

Nodeum Announces New Release 1.86


To learn how these enhancements help you to manage your storage and your data management, discover each items in details.

This new version includes different main features such as :

  1. Enhanced Dashboard and Reporting Module
  2. Reset Configuration
  3. Search Bar Integration
  4. Indexation Engine Improvement

In addition, this feature includes existing features improvement and bug fixes.

New customizable dashboard, support widgets definition (text or chart). Drag and Drop is available for widget. This helps to even better manager and control your data management.




Nodeum - Product Feature - Dashboard - Reporting


Nodeum Reset Configuration
Reset Configuration

Generate a file to reset a complete or a partial configuration
of Nodeum.

Generated file can be executed through a dedicated script.

Search Bar Integration
Fast search of any data with the search bar integration in the GUI.
Filters extension to refine the search.


Indexation Engine Improvement

Continuous improvement of the user interface to facilitate the product usage, and enhance the adoption in connecting the data management with the end-user pipeline workflows.


Nodeum - Product Feature - Indexation Engine




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