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Jessica Delage03.12.20201 min read

Simplify Data movements within Azure Blob Storage

If you are users of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, perhaps you will have the need to organize and move your data between Hot Storage and Cold Storage.

With only Azure, you have a complex process to follow : How to move from this way of working :  
Azure Data Management




NODEUM interface the Workflow, you need to create a simple task, and Nodeum execute the movement of Data.

To this way of working :


Azure Data Management

Explanations :

We are pretty sure , that this can be very complex and long to do it, for example, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Use Powershell for handling scripting with Azure platform ; and this is even more difficult if you are not familiar with scripting.
  2. Define Policies and configure the movements
  3. Then define , still in Power Shell, the rules that have to be executed and linked to the policies previously defined.

This was without a proper Data Management tools,

With Nodeum, we work to eliminate all of these complexity and then to integrate directly such kind of data movements between different tier of Cloud Storage (and even on premise storage).

Then, to replicate what has been described here below : 

  1. Connect your Azure Blob Storages in Nodeum
  2. Define your workflow which define the source and destination flows including the policies you want to apply
  3. Start the workflow and monitor the automatic execution.

Isn't more easy and simple ?

Let's go, try !