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Jessica Delage02.09.2021< 1 min read

Nodeum with Filebase


Filebase & Nodeum are happy to announce their collaboration.

Filebase is an S3-compatible object storage platform that allows you to store data in a secure, redundant, and performant manner.

Filebase has taken a unique approach to object storage, and uses both the Sia and Storj decentralized storage networks as its underlying storage layer.lockchain-based decentralized storage networks utilize independent storage servers operating all around the world. Filebase takes advantage of unused storage capacity and rents storage from these networks, managing all storage contracts on behalf of the user, which serve as cryptographic Service Level Agreement (SLA) .

Nodeum is the perfect combination to help you : 

  • To protect or to archive any data into Filebase.
  • To store any file on Filebase Buckets and keep them available through a local NAS appliance

To learn more how you can get the same benefits into your organization, have a look to this video and contact us for more information.