Valery Guilleaume May 15, 2018 at 9:45 AM 2 min read

Nodeum with Wasabi hot Storage

We constantly meet customers who are struggling to choose their Public Cloud partners. We are proud to announce that we extend the possibilities of Nodeum to use Wasabi as an alternative cloud storage provider.

We have hear how it is difficult to choice the right solution for a resilience and budget point of view. It is why we believe that Hybrid Storage is the only solution which avoid any lock-in and give the freedom to build your storage strategy to fit into your objectives.

We published recently a video showing how the integration of Nodeum with Wasabi Hot Storage is easy. You can see in this demonstration a solution where Nodeum is deployed on premise, and allows :

  • To connect from any connect clients to Network Shared Folder.
  • To List , view and edit any files locally.
  • To connect Nodeum to Wasabi buckets.
  • In background, to move data transparently between Nodeum and the defined Wasabi buckets.

To learn more how you can get the same benefits into your organization, have a look to this video and contact us for more information.