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Manage Your Storage As A Service

Jessica Delage11.25.2021< 1 min read

Storage Newsletter talk about Nodeum

Akquinet, MT-C and Fenix Consortium Team Up to Enhance Multifunctional Data Mover NODEUM
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Jessica Delage11.23.20212 min read

Nodeum Announces Distribution Agreement with Titan Data Solutions

Nodeum announced a distribution agreement with Titan Data Solutions, a value-added ...
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Jessica Delage09.30.20211 min read

Nodeum Announces New Release 1.91

We release Nodeum 1.91 with enhancements to improve the ease of workflow, data access and ...
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Jessica Delage09.24.2021< 1 min read

TRACE certification for Nodeum

We are Proud to announce that Nodeum has just received its trac number Certification by ...
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Jessica Delage07.19.2021< 1 min read

Solidarité Inondations

Inondation Liège
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Jessica Delage04.30.2021< 1 min read

Powered by Tape write about Nodeum

NODEUM is the Scalable, Hybrid Software-Defined Storage Platform
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Jessica Delage04.28.20213 min read

Need to Consider a LTFS Hybrid Storage

It's hard to beat the economics of magnetic tape when it comes to archiving or backing up ...
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Jessica Delage04.27.2021< 1 min read

Need to replace your Scalar iBlade?

You like the Scalar LTFS because it enables a NAS tape archive for file-based storage of ...
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Jessica Delage02.26.2021< 1 min read

Support Rare Disease Day

International Rare Disease Day 2021 takes place on February 28.
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Jessica Delage02.10.2021< 1 min read

Storage Newsletter write about Nodeum

Storage Newsletter talk about Nodeum
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