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Protocol 3 - 2 - 1  Managed  by Data Mover

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Tradition and innovation are the trademarks of our 600-year history. Education and research started in Rostock even 73 years before Columbus discovered America as the university was founded already in 1419. A lot has changed in the meantime. Such as the technical faculty founded in 1951 - the first one ever established at a classical university. Plenty of new, modern buildings, as the completely new campus for natural sciences in the district Suedstadt, represent the innovative strength and modernity of our university.


Today, with about 14,000 students and 2,933 staff members (in the medical care sector: 2,926), the University of Rostock offers fascinating perspectives into nearly all scientific fields. With the four profile lines Life, Light and Matter / Maritime Systems / Aging Science and Humanities / Knowledge – Culture – Transformation, the University of Rostock has at its disposal excellent interdisciplinary research fields in the areas of natural and technological sciences, medicine, life sciences, humanities and cultural studies.


The ITMZ is a service from the Universität of Rostock.  It provides to all university students and staff members (of the university Sector of of the medical center) a central user account according to the ITMZ user regulations. With the identification via this user account, several web services of the university can be used.



ABOUT itmz uNIVERSITY Challenges

The IT and media center (ITMZ) of the University of Rostock, in cooperation with the university library, is
experiencing a constantly growing need from users for long-term digital archiving of research and library data.

ITMZ needs to fulfill new requirements in the archiving processes. In the future, for certain archives, it could
be necessary not only to create a media break, but even to implement external offline archiving (cloud or colocation) of storage media.



Case Study University of Rostock - 3_2_1




The University of Rostock, the team from the IT and media center, has created the infrastructural basis for the security of university data in close cooperation with our partners. Secure data transfer and format-neutral long-term archiving were organized. The goal of backing up the data generated by the university in S3 format in a neutral format (LTFS) on another technology (tape) and thus carrying out and optimizing data storage independent of manufacturer and technology was realized.

Copies are kept for data recovery in case of data loss. Further application scenarios for the data mover are already emerging in the coming years.

With the data mover software NODEUM, a solution has been found that can cover almost all conceivable working methods and needs of the archive user and at the same time provides a transparent access layer for the user in the form of the S3 protocol. Workflows that were previously impossible to implement can now be implemented.



Case Study University of Rostock - After NODEUM schema




“  The collaboration in the project is very cooperative.   AKQUINET involves the  manufacturers in every phase of the project right from the start. In this way, the project duration is constantly optimized and friction losses are kept as low as possible. Now that the complex tests of the hardware and software functionalities have been  completed, we are starting to produce and customize/expand the application.  NODEUM offers us incredible flexibility in the workflows to be mapped.

Heike Frisch,
University of Rostock, IT and Media Center, Department 2:Systems and Services, Project Manager for the introduction of NODEUM®

We consider it important, in addition to the optimized data structure within and between our heterogeneous system landscapes, to implement more security and an additional media break to protect our data as part of our data storage mechanisms. The use of the convenient and technically mature data mover NODEUM® ensures us efficiency and data security through the individual linking of our data sources, also via APIs and taking into account all role and authorization models.

Malte Willert
University of Rostock, IT and Media Center, Department 2:Systems and services, project manager for the introduction of NODEUM®

Data Management Plan applied by IT & Media Center

a 3 - 2 - 1 protocol

managed by Data Mover




Data Migration

Organize the migration of your data between your different storage systems whatever the model, the version or the technology.

Data Archiving

Define active archive workflow and move elected data to secondary storage tier to decrease the capacity of primary storage in keeping the data online.

Data Protection

User Centric backup approach to eliminate disruption and ensure business continuity with a reliable and easily accessible offline archive