Cloud NAS Gateway

Nodeum modernizes file sharing, storage and backup across your favorite cloud provided.

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Provides an on-premise transparent access of any cloud-specific storage technologies. Enables in-house users who might be skeptical about the cloud opportunity to try out.  Accelerate the adoption of cloud storage and enables an elastic storage offering and deliver specific services such as : Backup, Archive, Disaster-Recovery.


Full Featured NAS

  • SMB/NFS/AFP sharing protocols
  • Advanced User Permission
  • Fast Local Caching
  • Virtualized File System
  • Physical or Virtual Machines


Unlimited File Storage

  • Agentless, Network Shared Folder, drag and drop.
  • Files are stored in a local cache and less used data are moved to the cloud.
  • Backup & Integrity workflows are available.


Find your data in 3 steps

  • Fast contents indexation Engine
  • Web interface to search after your data
  • Metadata customization

Full Features NAS

Virtualized file system allows the definition of unlimited capacity. The local caching system allows a local fast data access in keeping the data grows in your favorite cloud storage.

For a user perspective, it's transparent at 100%, the access of files are done via NAS access and drag and drop.


Elastic Cloud Storage

Get benefits of elasticity inside your storage strategy.  Nodeum supports the most seen public cloud provider such as :

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Working with standard protocol allows also connection to cloud provider service using standard S3 protocols or even any Openstack Swift Provider. Private Cloud providers are also supported.


Find your data in 3 steps

Keep always a view or where data are stored even if it is in a cloud provider. You are always master of your content and your users always know that their data are available. 

Engine search offers a fast direct path to search data in using keyword and business metadata.