SSE Management for S3 Storage

Server-side encryption is about protecting data at rest, its encrypts only the object data, not object metadata.

SSE-S3 uses encryption keys managed by S3 Object Storage/S3 Cloud Storage

It is a Server-side encryption protects data at rest. The S3 storage encrypts each data with a unique key. As an additional safeguard, it encrypts the key itself with a master key that it rotates regularly.

S3 server-side encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available to encrypt your data, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Product Feature - Encryption S3 - SSE-S3
SSE-C uses customer-provided encryption keys,

Using server-side encryption with customer-provided encryption   keys (SSE-C) allows you to set your own encryption keys.

With the encryption key you provide as part of your request, the S3 storage manages the encryption as it writes to disk and decryption when you access your objects.

It is important to understand is that the only thing to do is to manage the encryption keys you provide.

When a file is copied to the Cloud S3 storage, the S3 storage uses the encryption key you provide to apply AES-256 encryption to your data and removes the encryption key from memory.

When you retrieve the file, you must provide the same encryption key. The S3 storage first verifies that the encryption key you provided matches and then decrypts the object before returning the data to you.

Product Feature - Encryption S3 - SSE-C
SSE-KMS uses the master key which you manage in your KMS

Server-side encryption is the encryption of data at its destination by the application or service that receives it.

Key Management Service (KMS) is a service that combines secure, highly available hardware and software to provide a key management system.

It uses KMS customer master keys (CMKs) to encrypt your data. KMS encrypts only the object data. Any object metadata is not encrypted.


Product Feature - Encryption S3 - SSE-KMS


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