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Google Cloud Machine Learning




Data Enrichment with Google Cloud Vision API

Define workflows to extract valuable metadata and take advantage of cloud-based AI from Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning interface. This new option is an additional path to bring intelligence close to the data sources for accelerating data management in fast searching and data classification.


Google Cloud Machine Learning

Editing Software XML compatibility


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Ready for Postproduction

This innovative features is ready to accelerates the post-production phase. Editors can now automate their creation and delivery at record speeds from the editing platforms to the archiving system.


This full integration increases the productivity with your team. Editors export the xml files with the assets that want to retrieve out of the archive. This xml are imported into Nodeum for an automatic retrieval to the system of their choices. Most use case is their editing platforms.



Integration support CATDV XML version 1 and the new version 2 format.


Final Cut Pro

Support Final Cut Pro XML exportation.

file comparison analysis

compare list of FILES

SUPPORTED CHECKSUM : md5 - xxhash64 - crc32

Analyze the inconsistency on file list 

File Importation

Import files and compare the list of MD5 or xxHash64 or CRC32 File listing you have received from your customer or third party.

Verification using Hash-based algorithm verification.

File Comparison - Upload
File Comparison - Validation
Source and Destination Verification

Validate the source and destination files listing.

Exclude the lines you are not interested in your comparison ; and select the columns you need to compare.  


Control and Report

Integrity checking can be done in multiple stages of copies.

Your Customer need to be sure the copy is the same that the original /master.

Faster you received a report to validate the checksum.

File Comparison -  Verification



Data Management

Track important events such as who performed certain actions and the time they happened. These actions could be, for example, task creation, task edition, storage configuration modification.

Data Access

Monitor the files activity and be informed about user actions such as who performed file creation, file deletion or file modification..

Nodeum - Product Feature - tco


Turn any Linux platform to a Nodeum appliance in deploying easily an Ansible package. Get the most of your hardware, avoid any locking and get the most of next releases.

Highly Scalable

Scalability in data volumes, number of files and overall performance allow to grow with your needs in keeping the same user experience.

Intuitive Interface

Provide a natural and unique experience for any user using the solution. This helps to keep focus on your business and productivity.

Key Features

Discover the full set of features available into Nodeum. Develop a business focus data management strategy to unlock the value and potential of your data.

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