Data Integrity

MD5-hash - CRC-32 - xxhash 


Nodeum provides data integrity validation in each workflow, the three main different mechanisms are available :


checksums (e.g. CRC32), non-cryptographic hashes (e.g. xxHash) and cryptographic hashes (e.g. MD5). 




It is an Extremely fast Hash algorithm, the hash is faster to be generated.

It is highly portable, and hashes are identical across all platforms (little / big endian).

This is more and more popular in the video device, Nodeum uses the xxHash64be algorithm which is compatible with other product and software in the industries.





MD5 hash algorithm is a commonly used function for validating data integrity.  

An MD5 checksum is a 32 digit hexadecimal number that represents the hash of the contents of a file.

The calculation of an MD5 is an industry standard so the integrity can be checked on any system.


Checksum Report benefits

compare list of FILES

SUPPORTED CHECKSUM : md5 - xxhash64 - crc32


References Files


This type of verification which compare checksum/hash is a great way to ensure that a file has not been changed during its life-cycle.

It is always possible to do a calculation at the source and at the destination and compare both.

Nodeum automates the calculation process in the workflow which improves the end-user experience and the time to operate.

Furthermore the Integrity Checksum Analysis allows the verification of the integrity of the data processed by Nodeum against a reference list.


file comparison analysis

compare list of FILES

SUPPORTED CHECKSUM : md5 - xxhash64 - crc32

Analyze the inconsistency on file list 

File Importation

Import files and compare the list of MD5 or xxHash64 or CRC32 File listing you have received from your customer or third party.

Verification using Hash-based algorithm verification.

File Comparison - Upload
File Comparison - Validation
Source and Destination Verification

Validate the source and destination files listing.

Exclude the lines you are not interested in your comparison ; and select the columns you need to compare.  


Control and Report

Integrity checking can be done in multiple stages of copies.

Your Customer need to be sure the copy is the same that the original /master.

Faster you received a report to validate the checksum.

File Comparison -  Verification


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