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OncoDNA, with over 60 years’ expertise in medical diagnostics, was founded by a team of experts with many years of experience in DNA sequencing and diagnostic analyses in oncology. The company has been created in 2012. It embraces more than 40 people. More than 30 distributors in 50+ countries.

Their challenges

OncoDNA is facing an explosion of its data generated by its research & Analysis troughout their differents Next-Gen Sequencer. Their challenges are :

  1. To scale they storage and archive capacity higher than 100 TB.
  2. To connect with API the application to bring value to their data
  3. To index their content to facilitate the search

They were looking for an all in one solution which organize their data throught a transparent layer. Their best choice will be a platform that will scale following the storage capacity growth.


OncoDNA choose NODEUM Entreprise, which brings the following benefits :

  1. Advanced search system to easier and faster access to files. A single Catalog, customized with meta data to retrieve files easily troughout the web interface.
  2. Unified portability of data for easy sharing.
  3. Scalability of the storage system.
  4. Data protection for a long term active archive conservation.
  5. Zero risks of lock in. RESTful API and LTFS open the system.
  6. Simple and fast integration.
  7. Intuitive, easy to use and to manage.
  8. Creating, configuring and updating data workflows.
  9. Visualization of real-time use. This solution brings an abstraction of the data stored on disks and tapes. This offer the best scalability for the next storage for a known cost.

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With Nodeum, OncoDNA staffs have the platform to leverage the exponential data growth :

  1. Next-Gen sequencers have a 100TB storage & archiving platform available to grow to the max.
  2. OncoKDM & OncoShare application can be interfaced with the content data catalog.
  3. At any time, they have the insurance that data are protected and can be archived offline.

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